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Contact Number:

Date of Booking:

Start Time:


Finish Time:


*Please note that this time must include set up and clean up.
*The Wyndham Hall must close at 11:30 pm.

Number of expected guests:


Bar Start Time:


Bar Finish Time:


*Please note: 
A minimum spend of £300. You may be invoiced the difference. 
Alcohol must be purchased from our bar only.

You will lose your deposit if the above is not followed. 
Glassware is disposables as standard.
Drink packages are quoted individually. 


*You must inform us if you are planning on using an outside caterer,

Users can bring their homemade food. 

We may charge extra if you use outside catering companies.

Outside caterers must have a sign displaying who has supplied the buffet and provide and display an allergen list. 


£60 Clean-Up Fee. If you wish to leave after your event without cleaning: 

£50 Chair Cover Hire.

£50 Chair Cover Hire. 

£20 Use of the sound system and ceiling disco lights (We still recommend getting a disco DJ for your party for the best experience):

Please state the age of the person celebrating their Birthday: 

Please inform us if you plan on using outside caterers and who?
Any extra information or requests? 

If you have a question about hiring Wyndham Hall, please visit our FAQ page here (opens in a new tab)

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